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Zahara Toto and Hubby Solomon aka Big Papa fall apart

Fieldmershal reduced to Recruit

Kampala based Tv presenter Zahara Toto aka Fieldmershal is experiencing the worst days of her life after a horrible breakup with the longest hubby Big Papa as she calls him though he’s known as Solomon, the two were seen in a fight where Zahara was recorded on a video beating and scuffling with Big Papa as he calmly requested the roumer monger to leave him alone, however in a video recording Zahara was uttering words like come and we sort out our money which Big papa was seen not to be interested in, this however climaxed and the war was seen outside the house while zahara being dragged as a chicken thief.

As we all thought this would be the saddest days of the gossip Queen’s life, she was however seen of a live video claiming that shes’s stronger than before and she was going to expose all the bloggers who wrote about her, on all the women they have slept with though all her word were sampled with one word “Kicks of a dying horse

In Addition, the war took a twist on Snapchat where Solomon’s messages leaked and he was seen saying that he can’t be with an on Granny of 3Kids who is 8years older than him.

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