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Shill Coin – The Next Big Crypto Currency Token in Africa


# Is Shill Coin The Future of crypto in Africa?
Is it the solution to add value to continent fiat fiats currency?
Creating Future millionaires in Africa?….
Prime Post News did an extensive survey and research to find out what a min $10 could make you when invest and hold $SCoin by 2030?

✓ WHAT IS $SCoin?

$SCoin “Shill Coin” is a bsc bep-20 hyper-deflationary token created with aim of becoming the Trusted United Digital Currency of East-Africa connecting economy to the rest of the world.

Shill” is derived from shillings as it’s a form of currency in East African countries like Uganda and Kenya.
This is a community driven Currency Token with fair Tokenomics and taxes to its small and big potential investors so investing in $SCoin means you part of the future development and transformation of East Africa economy to digital currency and you hold part of the economy’s coins which makes you earn passive income through reflection rewards.

The project started couple years back with idea of creating a digital currency token which could be recognizable, tradable and trusted by everyone in Africa specifically in East-Africa where it’s aiming to start and expand in while continent.


It’s Fair launching on Pancakeswap exchange on 2nd July 2022 .
Fair launching means early small or big potential investors have got same opportunities to buy at relatively low prices.


Join their Telegram Community 👉https://t.me/shillcointoken
or Check on their website on how to buy https://shillcoin.boomer.co


Total : 20,000,000 $SCoin
Burn’t already : 50%
Remaining Supply: 10,000,000 $SCoin


$SCoin is a long term project aiming to be the day to day digital currency used in joint East-Africa’s community and allover Africa. And with the adoption the following shall be in place;

Tourism | Recreation centers: Imagine where all local and Foreign tourists travelling to Africa using $SCoin to pay for the services i.e. visiting the games packs, recreation centers, Beautiful landscape sceneries? $SCoin aims for adoption in the sector. No one wants exchange their foreign currency into local currency hence Shill Coin makes it easier. 🐂🦅🦍🦁🦓

Hotels | accommodation | Restaurants: Looking forward for adoption in hotels and restaurants. Think about the new modern Africa where you won’t need to walk with cash , just a mobile phone to transact your Shill Coins at the current price for the service. We aim for partnerships. 🏨🍔🏠

Transport : Clearly over 99% of the population no like walk with any money in busy town centres, How about you clear your transport fares in a second by paying in Shill Coins “$SCoin” ? 🚕🚖

Daily local trade / transactions: In summary $SCoin looking forward to be used by all types of merchants in local markets daily trade transactions. 💲💶🪙 Etc

Find out more;

Reference links.
Telegram: @shillcointoken
Website: shillcoin.boomer.co
Twitter: @shillcointoken
All social-media: @shillcointoken

NO FINANCIAL ADVICE–The information provided on this website is general in nature and is not specific to you or anyone else and does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. Shill Coin does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Article Credit: Ems

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Shillcoin5 June 22, 2022
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I think this is Gona be exciting , and going places. Will be nice joining in with a minimum atleast $10 which is about not more than 40k ugx. We Gona invest in future.   Modernisation is inavitable

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Prime Post June 22, 2022
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Let’s see what you have to talk about $Shill Coin, We are open to everyone’s opinion😀

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