KCCA is Looking for 317 Billion to save Old Taxi Park

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka has come out to say on how KCCA is looking for 317 Billion to save the Old Taxi park which was On Sunday 20th February 2022, part of it drilled amidst tight security as the owners concealed off their land.

“We are have agreed on a 12-month period as Government looks for money to compensate them, if it fails, we shall go back to the table and talk to these people” Dorothy Kisaka said

In  a May 20 letter by the commandant of the Police Land Protection Unit, Mr Charles Mutungi, to the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander guided that the officers should abide by the court orders that gives vacant possession of several plots inside the taxi park to Abamwe Transporters Ltd and Kabale Distributors Ltd.

Abamwe Transporters Ltd owns plots 21-23 measuring 0.067 hectares on Burton Street while Kabale Distributors Ltd owns owns plots 27-29 measuring 0.55 hectares on Ben Kiwanuka Street.

Other companies claiming ownership of plots in the Old Taxi Park are Contractors & Transport Services Limited, D.K.S Uganda Limited, Key & Ham Investments Ltd, Aponye Uganda Limited, Lukyamuzi Investments Limited, City Oil (U) Limited, Shumuk Industries Limited and The Giant Eagle Mobile Phones & Accessories Ltd.

Eight of those companies own 0.501 hectares (1.24 acres) of the Old Taxi Park, which covers 3.53 acres. Before some of the plots were redeveloped, the Old Taxi Park measured 4.398 acres.

The companies got sub-leases from the then Kampala City Council in 2006. However, they were unable to take over the land after taxi operators refused to vacate the park, claiming ownership.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Deputy Spokesperson Robert Kalumba said that the authority is doing everything possible to pay off the owners so that land gets back to KCCA.


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