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Couple Arrested for acts of Public Nuisance

Police in Kisoro arrested two suspects for appearing in acts of sex on the road side.

According to the territorial police in Kisoro, the two suspects Hasfashimana Paskari, 29 Year-old Mufumbira Male a bodaboda rider of Migeshi village, Rwaramba parish adult and Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamulenzi, 24-Year-old female adult of Nyakinama subcounty in Kisoro District were arrested for “being public nuisence”.

The Uganda police confirmed having arrested the couple which were having a quickie on the road side in Kisoro town. This was based on the viral video that made rounds on social media showing a couple having a quckie sex on a very busy road of Kisoro on  broad day light. Police says that “The duo appeared to be indulging in acts of street sex, along the road in Kisoro Municipality and ill be charged in court with public nuisance due to their acts of annoyance to the public”

This moment of Madness as couple enjoy quickie

Jaiden November 6, 2021
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