Oulanya’s 2.4 Bn Send off budget was un Necessary – Olara Otunnu

Otunnu who was President of the Uganda People’s Congress, a political party, from 2010 to 2015 has come out to say that the 2.5 Billion budget for the fallen Speaker of Parliament Rt. Jacob Oulanya was un necessary given the current situation in the country.

Otunu while appearing on Kampala based K-fm radio on VPN political talk show said that the 2.5 billion budget was portraying corruption ” We are countless amount of money taking elected people abroad when our health condition in our country is crumbling and most of ordinary people has no access to personal health care, this money should be allocated in building, equipping, renovating our healthcare for our people and making access to health care more equitable” Otunu said.

However in the way how the demonstrators brought the issue, they personalized it were portrayed was insensitive because at that time Jacob Oulanya was fighting for his life and the action was inhuman but we must continue to press the government to assume its responsibility, do the right thing to the people of Uganda in-terms of health care


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