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Uganda the only EA Country where internet data expires and with highest rates

Did you know Uganda Uganda the only Country where internet data expires and with highest rates, “Compared to other East African countries, 

This comes as Students under their umbrella body the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) demand tax waiver on internet data, where they asked the government to consider waiving  tax on internet data to allow students to embrace blended learning.

This follows after Makerere University Vice-chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe,   said the institution intends to maintain online learning for students doing Humanities and other science-based courses as a physical presence at the campus will be during practical examinations.

Nawangwe said the rollout of digital learning has long been in the policy direction of the university for the last seven years and that many programmes are currently fully online.
“The world is moving digital. It is a revolution and those who can’t cope with that revolution will be left behind,” he added.

UNSA President Yusuf Welunga, reported that in East Africa Uganda has the highest rates on data which is threatening the education of the country, Yusuf further added that compared to other East African countries, Uganda has the highest rates and it is Uganda where data expires and its annoying to us as students of the country.

On Addressing Journalists, Yusuf said that We want these telecom companies to be compelled to stop expiring data because it is too costly to us as students of the country. We need this intervention to be worked on expeditiously.


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zxe1234 March 19, 2022
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