United States is Uganda’s largest foreign assistance partner says U.S. Mission Uganda

Did you know that the United States is Uganda’s largest foreign assistance partner investing about $953 million annually to boost ‘s Uganda’s economic growth and employability, improve health + education, foster democratic values, & to strengthen security? #Report2UGPeople

U.S. Mission Uganda Announced the just launched 2021 REPORT TO THE UGANDAN PEOPLE! What does the U.S. Government do in Uganda? It’s all in the #Report2UGPeople.

The U.S. Mission in Uganda’s 2021 Report to the Ugandan People tells the story of the United States’ enduring partnership with the Ugandan people focusing on the impact of our work to promote economic growth and employability, to improve health and education, to foster democratic values, and to strengthen security.

US MIssion Uganda
The United States through 13 government agencies invests almost $1 billion annually in Ugandan communities.

We produced this report – the fifth annual — to explain what the U.S. government does in Uganda, why we do it, and how it improves the lives of Ugandans. The report introduces us to some of the millions whose lives have benefited from U.S. programs in Uganda, and are now living healthier, learning better, earning more, and participating more fully in their communities because of the partnership between our two countries.

Its available for download here: bit.ly/3GGbcuq


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