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Bobi Wine’s First son Solomon suspended from school SMACK Over Marijuana.


St Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) on 1st February 2022 suspended Solomon Sekayi Kyagulanyi (Solomon Kampala), the son of National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine after finding in possession of illicit drugs at school. This followed a surprise check of all students’ dormitories in mid January – just two weeks after students had returned to school, also known as SMACK.

According to the suspension letter dated February 1, on 17th January, “he (Sekayi) was caught with marijuana substance wrapped in papers like cigarette sticks and a lighter in his suitcase.”

The school’s disciplinary committee said Sekayi was “involved in acts of indiscipline incompatible with his status as a student of this college as a routine search” hence the suspension.“Kyagulanyi Sekayi Solomon is therefore suspended from the college for two weeks with effect from Tuesday, 1st February 2022, basing the resolution to zero tolerance for indiscipline.”

According to a family member who spoke on condition of anonymity as this is a sensitive matter, Sekayi had in 2018 been involved in a case of serious misconduct at school but was cautioned by administrators.
His alleged accomplice was expelled from the school.
“On February 1, Sekayi was sent on suspension and was at his home with his parents for those two weeks,” said a relative.


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