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Adultery is not a crime – Police Spokes person

The Uganda Police Spokes Person Fred Enanga have come out to say that adultery is not a crime and that it therefore can’t be reported to police with an aim of having one arrested.

Following the incident which happened Last week where NBS TV presenter Casmir Mukisa famously known as MC Casmir was caught red handed having an affair with a married woman only identified as Trice was recorded on camera.

In a video that made rounds on social media, MC Casmir was seen in handcuffs (he covered them with his jacket) and pleading for mercy from a man, probably the husband of the woman he was cheating with.

In a ‘hotel’ room raided by police detectives, one of the gentlemen is heard asking, “Is this the bed where you played sex from?” to which MC Casmir answers, “Yes! I am sorry.” The lady as well responds in the affirmative.
NBS TV Presenter MC Casmir

In this case, the police officers who recorded the incident have since been arrested for discreditable conduct which on conviction can lead to their dismissal from the force.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga on Monday while Addressing journalists, he said adultery is no longer a crime but rather a civil matter.

“Adultery, is no longer a criminal offence in our country. Therefore, criminalizing it, is an act of unprofessionalism and abuse of authority, which the force cannot tolerate, We strongly condemn the criminalization of civil matters in police.” Enanga had to say.

Enanga als goes further to warn married persons whether in estranged, complex or sensitive relationships, to respect the sanctity of marriage and use lawful means, instead of ruining their lovers’ reputation.

Enange further added that despite adultery not being a crime, it can however, be used as a ground for civil processes like divorce, separation, custody of children and sharing of property.


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